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My mission is to develop our students into more competitive ones whose performance could be compared with the best.This needs proper channelization of their energy.We can accomplish this task with the whole hearted co-operation of dedicated teachers, equally dedicated non-teaching staff, discerning parents and career conscious students supported by the visionary Trustees.

I request parents to seek happiness in the company of their children as they are the best gift from the Almighty to us and it is they who are the future of society. Let us remember that parenting is the most challenging assignment on earth and also the most fulfilling one. At the same time it is most neglected as well! Let us do the audit of our conduct as a parent on daily basis. I also expect parents to communicate regularly with the school in the interest of their ward.

I, as the Head of AEA, honestly promise to work to the best of our capacity in ensuring the holistic growth of every student enrolled with us; provided the parents fully shoulder their responsibility and together we can transform this world into a wonderful place to live, by developing these children into noble human beings.
Mrs.Jaseela Jayaprakash.


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