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The School Shall arrange for transport, where feasible,for the pupils who wish to avail of the same. It is an optional facility offered by the school. However, the use of school transport will be appreciated. The Management will do everything possible to ensure that it is a safe ride to and from the school. For his/her own safety, the pupil must be collected by an authorized person carrying the necessary identification, in the absence of which , the pupil will be taken back to school.

School acts as a coordinator between the parents and bus contractors. However utmost care is taken to follow safety guidelines laid down by State Government. A School Transport committee is formed comprising members as 1) Principal 2) RTO officer 3) Police(Traffic) 4) PTA representative 5) Education ward officer NMMC and 6) Local police officer who hold periodic meetings.

Conditions to be followed:

a) Bus facility is extended subject to availability of seat and is offered at the contractor’s discretion. Offer can be prematurely withdrawn anytime by contractor for non-payment of Bus fee.

b) Parents and students not to ask the driver/ attendant to stop the bus at unauthorized stops. Students will board and alight only at fixed bus stops so opted at the start of academic year.

c) Students found misbehaving in the bus will be withdrawn / suspended and not be allowed to continue availing the Bus facility.

d) In event of the students not being at his bus stop at scheduled time the bus will proceed without the student. It will be parents responsibility to ensure students reach school.

e) Students are expected to reach their bus stop 10 minutes before arrival time.

f) Change in pick-up and drop points request to be forwarded only to contractors and not school office (contractors number : 9892672753 , 9867178725).

g) The school is in no way responsible for a bus coming late or early.

h) Difference in fees using bus one way or both ways will be decided as per the P.T.A, school management and the transporter.

i) The school can have multiple transporters as required.


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