Grade Class I to VIII
O – Outstanding 85% and above
A – Excellent 75% – 84.9%
B – Very good 60% – 74.9%
C – Good 50% – 59.9%
D – Average 40% – 49.9%
E – Needs Improvement 35% – 39.9%


B) PRE-PRIMARY : Evaluation system is followed where in child is assessed throughout the year, based on – observations of physical , motor , social and cognitive development.


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  • AEA has moved one step ahead in achieving its educational goals by launching its E-Radio channel- AEAWekidsRadio. It would be an opportunity for the students to get trained by media professionals and enhance their listening, speaking skills and also build confidence.

    The school had organized the Inter-school Band competition on Friday 8th February, 2019. The event saw participation of various schools from Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. Holy Cross High School emerged as overall winners.
Band Competition
Band Competition
Band Competition
Band Competition
Band Competition
Band competition
Band Competition

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