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Rules for students

1) Punctuality, courtesy, obedience, good habits, good language, regular attendance, cleanliness of uniform, I-card should be observed and followed.

2) Hence irregularity to above shall justify misconduct and dismissal of the student.

3) Utmost care should be taken of school property and not to cause damage.Damage of Serious nature will have to be compensated.

4) Running and shouting in the school premises is not allowed. Students must keep to the left while using staircase and corridors.

5) Students are not permitted to make or receive a phone call during class hours.only during emergency students will be called to the phone. For making a call during class hours, permission from principal should be obtained.

6) No pupil will be admitted to school unless he/she is  dressed  in the complete and proper school uniform.

7) Pupils must communicate only in English within the school premises.

8) Pupils must not be absent from the school without sufficient  reason or explanation.

Tape recorders, electronic games, mobile phones,IPods and other similar electronic gadgets should not  be brought to school without prior permission.

Rules for Parents:

  1. The Parents are to ensure that their wards reach school premises in time.
  2. During dispersal parents must be present 5 minutes in advance to pick up their children.
  3. Parents should keep themselves acquainted with the syllabus of their children and regularly go through their books.
  4. Since this is an English medium school, every student must learn to speak and write in English. Hence at home he/she should be given an opportunity to speak correct English.
  5. Parents should not engage teachers as private tutors, we strongly discourage private tuitions instead, we would suggest that you inculcate in your child the habit of self study and develop a regular study routine. Avoid all kind of disturbances like T.V, Radio, Internet etc, while your child is studying.
  6. Parents and guardians are not allowed to see their children or meet teachers during class hours.
  7. Parents are advised to make it a point to attend the open day. During open day the child’s progress will be made known to you.
  8. Address all your correspondence to The Principal.
  9. Attendance of either parent is compulsory on open Days, PTA meetings. Students are not permitted to attend the PTA meetings.
  10. Tution teachers and other relatives are not allowed to attend the open day.


1)Students Must attend schoool regularly and punctually. Attendance on the first working day after holidays and last working day before the holidays is compulsory. Note that partial attendance in school is not allowed under any circumstances. Please ensure that children get their day off to a good start and they arrive at school on time.Students are expected to be in the school premises by 7:30 am (for Primary) and / or 7:50 am (for Jr.kg and Sr.Kg) and / or 11:50 am (for Nursery). Students arriving late must report to the office,sign in and pick up RED SLIP. For late students in kindergarten and grades 1 to 8 parents come to the office to sign their child in . Four Late Marks in one quarter will result in the child being sent back home.

2) Absence without prior permission of the principal to go out of Mumbai for feasts,pilgrimages, weddings and religious ceremonies will not be permitted. Leave of this nature is never to be presumed. It may be given at the discretion of the principal. If taken without permission displinary action will be taken.

3) A student will not be allowed to leave the school during school hours unless the parent seeks permission giving valid reasons in writing.

4) Leave of absence from school must be obtained by an application submitted in the prescribed leave record in the diary.If student is sick the parents must intimate the school Immediately.A doctor’s certificate must be produced in addition to the note of absence in the calendar.

5) Students absent from the school from a period of ten days or more without intimation of leave amounts to deletion of name from the school rolls.The students will then have to seek readmission depending on the availability of seats.

6) 75% attendance compulsory for every academic year of a child for promotion.



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    1. Acrostic poem- 2nd prize - Taashvi Salia

    2. Movie Mania- 1st Prize - Aishita Jadhav

    3. Movie Mania - 2nd prize - Hetvi Gajra

    4. Tinge your Trash - 1st prize - Naman Jain

    Students of grade 5 and 6 participated and secured 1st prize in Inter – School Group Recitation Competition: “NO WAR KNOW PEACE” at Shri Vile Parle Kelavani Mandal’s Chatarbhuj Narsee Memorial School & N. D. Parekh Pre-Primary School, Vile Parle (West).

    Congratulations to all the winners and their mentors!
  • Greetings!Our school's under 17 girls’ team got team championship in ICSE Maharashtra Regional yoga competition(AISM) held on 06.07.19 at Lodha World School, Palava. Srushti Shah secured 1st place in Artistic yoga and she has been Qualified for the Nationals. Srushti Shah, Khyati Bheda and Rishvi Jain has been qualified for the team event at National level. Congratulation to all the Winners!

    AEA has moved one step ahead in achieving its educational goals by launching its E-Radio channel- AEAWekidsRadio. It would be an opportunity for the students to get trained by media professionals and enhance their listening, speaking skills and also build confidence.

    The school had organized the Inter-school Band competition on Friday 8th February, 2019. The event saw participation of various schools from Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. Holy Cross High School emerged as overall winners.
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